2018 X Games Recap/Olympics

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It’s ski season! Even if you’re not hitting the slopes this winter, you can still get your fill of fresh powder between the X Games and Winter Olympics. This year, members of the YUMS Fam DJ Aiden Brasher and photographer Vu Tuan hit up Aspen for the 2018 X Games. We chatted with them about their experience and who they’re looking forward to watching in the 2018 Olympics!

Aiden, you’ve DJ-ed at the X Games before. What keeps you coming back?

Aiden: Being a part of the X Games has opened many doors for my career as a DJ. After 4 years, the Winter Games in Aspen has become a second home and each year more fun than the last. It truly is a breath of fresh air! A great way to kick off the new year. 

How was this year different than previous years?

Aiden: This year at the 2018 Winter X I was able to have my good friend and photographer Vu Tuan join me and document my journey all week long! From enjoying Aspen’s own Buttermilk Mountain in the day, the X Games in the evening, and each and every nightclub during the late hours of the night! 

Vu, was this your first visit to the X Games?

Vu: Yes, this was my first time visit to the X Games! 

What was your first impression?

Vu: I was really overwhelmed by how big the event was and the amount of people that came out for it. 

Aiden, which events did you DJ this year?

Aiden: Each year at X Games I am invited back to host and provided music in the VIP Chalet. That has also given me the opportunity to open up for acts onsite, including Wiz Khalifa and Kygo back in 2014 & 2015. 

Are there any specific challenges that come with capturing an event this large Vu?

Vu: When it comes to filming such a big crowd, it can be very difficult to get close to the stage or get further from the stage to get the whole concert scene. But I was able to get around pretty easily, and I got the shots I needed to get! 

Which athletes from the X Games will you be keeping an eye on during the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Aiden: The three athletes I will be watching out for in the 2018 Winter Olympics will be snowboarder Shaun White, who’s going into his 4th Winter Olympics. I’ll also be watching female snowboarder Chloe Kim, as she has just won gold at Winter X after only having a couple weeks off and going straight back into competition in PyeongChang, South Korea. Last but not least, skier Maggie Voisin also won the gold at Winter X!  Huge shout out and best of luck to these three! 

Vu: I don’t keep up with all the athletes, but I heard Shaun White is competing in the 2018 Olympics! 

When you hit the slopes, do you ski or snowboard?

Aiden: When I grace the fresh powder or first chair, I ride goofy on my GNU snowboard decked out in YUMS stickers of course! 

Vu: Definitely have to snowboard just because it looks cooler! I skated a little bit back in high school, so I picked up snowboarding pretty quickly.  This was actually my second time snowboarding in Aspen, but I kept up with everyone and had a great time.

What’s next for you?

Aiden: In the future I would like to be involved in more extreme sport competitions, either winter or summer sports! I have always wanted to DJ a surf comp!

Vu: What’s next for me? I ask myself this question everyday and honestly I don’t know. I just go with the flow and keep doing my thing. Opportunities come and go, so when they do come I make sure to grab them tight, and do my best to turn them into something huge. My next big projects are Ultra Miami 2018, South by Southwest, EDC and couple short movies by the end of the year.

If you’re in Dallas this weekend, you can also catch DJ Aiden Brasher on Saturday February 10th at the Dallas CBD Veriport from 2-6 PM. Take a free helicopter ride over Dallas, and then return to the heliport for Aiden’s tunes & some YUMS giveaways. Follow @DTXStreet on Instagram for all the details!

All photos in this post courtesy of Vu Tuan (@its_vuuutuan)