YUMS in Australia

G’day readers from sunny Sydney!

It’s Reagan here, an avid New Era Cap enthusiast, freelance photographer for New Era Australia and cap designer (when I can find time away from the shoots!).

In this golden age of street headwear branding, ‘making it to the big time’ isn’t an easy feat as the market is saturated with competition. Additionally, if one were to be labelled a success story, to what level has that brand reached?

YUMS has truly ticked the success ‘yes’ box on several levels as they’ve not only impacted the market with bold fabric/thread style combinations where other brands fear to tread (bravo Tex), but they’re also able to stay relevant by their meticulous attention to the ever-changing fashion trend (e.g. 59FIFTY to 9FIFTYs).

Designs aside, what has made YUMS truly successful in my book is their wide reach into the community by remembering the fans that have helped paved their road to success. The fact that I’m sitting here writing this piece from Sydney fee-free as a favour to a mate truly seals the level of success YUMS have achieved with their globally established friendships and brand loyalty. Now that is priceless.

On that note, a huge shout out to WT for reaching out at the beginning and helping me get to where I am with his words of encouragement and believing in my potential – can’t thank you enough mate!