We chatted with Zack Singer, the tattoo artist behind the latest YUMS snapback collaboration, on all things art and design!

YUMS: How did you get started as a tattoo artist? Was it something you always wanted to do?
Zack Singer: I met my mentor Billy Jack Gunter through a friend when I was 19 years old. I have always been an artist, but at that point I thought I was going to be a professional skateboarder. I then decided to complete an apprenticeship under Billy Jack and learn how to tattoo.

YUMS: What was the first tattoo you ever did?
ZS: It was a black and grey tattoo on my buddy and former co-worker Mikey Hansen. 

YUMS: What are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve done?
ZS: Picking my favorite tattoo is like asking you to pick your favorite child, but I like when my clients give me artistic freedom to create for them. 
Zack Singer Charcoal Demonstration at LIDS in Dallas, TX
YUMS: Do you work in other mediums?
ZS: Absolutely, as an artist it is only natural to dabble in a few different mediums. I like to work with water color, oil paints, Copic markers as well as charcoal but my favorite is tattooing. Most times I will sketch out a concept and will end up wanting to tattoo it more than any other medium. 

YUMS: How would you describe your artistic style?
ZS: Egyptian malamar

YUMS: Are there any artists, tattoo or otherwise, that you admire?
ZS: There are many artist that I admire, but to name a few, Dave Tevenal, Nick Baxter, Justin Hartman, and Nikko Hurtado.
Tattoo by Zack Singer of Perception Fine Body Art
YUMS: How do tattoos and fashion relate?
ZS: Just as you can have your own style with fashion you can also do the same with tattoos. You can mix and match pieces by many different artists just like you can wear pieces from many different designers. Each is an outward expression of self. Each reflects the style of the artist/designer.

YUMS: How did you become involved with YUMS?
ZS: Somebody understood my style! I became involved with YUMS through a friend and the rest just flowed. 

YUMS: What was your inspiration behind the designs for the YUMS x Zack Singer collaboration?
ZS: YUMS hats have always been my favorite to wear. I wanted to create a hat that others would love too. I really decided to incorporate a few of my favorite things to tattoo; organic shapes and patterns.
Tattoo Artist Zack Singer of Perception Fine Body Art 
Check out the YUMS x Zack Singer collaboration here!