Q&A: YUMS Designer Tex Moton

Tex Moton Q&A

We chatted with YUMS’ head designer, Tex Moton, about art, inspiration, and next season’s collection!
YUMS: What is your approach when designing an entire collection for a new season?
TEX: I always want to give each piece life and a personality that differs from previous creations.  
YUMS: Where do you find inspiration?
TEX: I find the most inspiration in God the Father and the beautiful world he created. To me, art is life. "Living” is the ability to walk the greatest gallery show ever curated. From nature to technology, I find constant inspiration all around. I find things that give me a feeling: calm, energetic, happy, chaotic, etc. I just try to reproduce those feeling in our headwear.
YUMS: How is Dallas integrated into the YUMS culture?
TEX: I'm from Dallas, so the city is woven into me. It is the incubator that allowed me to grow and develop my artistic style. But I love seeing the many people worldwide that connect to YUMS on an emotional level. My style was born in Dallas, but #YUMSLIFE is worldwide!
YUMS: What are some of your favorite caps from past seasons?
TEX: Oh, there are too many to name! I don't release a hat I don't like. We go through several stages at YUMS before cementing each collection, I design so many hats for each season, and we only release products we all love. Unlike other designers, I don't just slap a logo on a hat and send it to market. I am a fashion consumer, and recognize when a brand or label cares about their product and customer. I want our YUMS supporters to feel that attention to detail in everything I touch.
YUMS: Do you work in other mediums?
TEX: Spray paint, spray paint, and oh did I say spray paint? I am a graffiti artist and that is my medium of choice. So when I’m not with my lovely wife and children, or at the office working on future collections, you can usually find me with my Infinite Crew brothers, working on our latest mural project.

Tex Graffiti
YUMS: What artists do you admire?
TEX: I just got back from Tokyo and had the pleasure of catching the Murakami show at the Mori Arts Museum. It was amazing! So much detail, and so inspiring. If you ever get the chance to catch one his shows, please do yourself a favor and go!
YUMS: How would you describe your artistic style?
TEX: My style is all about color and bold lines. Whether in paint or fashion, I want my works and designs to trigger an emotional response in people. I want them to connect with me and feel something: happiness, joy and excitement. That's my hope.
YUMS: How do graffiti and fashion relate?
TEX: They relate to me based on the element of art. Any product can be a blank canvas on which to create art. I treat headwear just like a blank wall. I try to give everything I touch a voice, and tell the world a story.
YUMS: What can YUMS fans expect to see among the styles being dropped in 2016?
TEX: Awesomeness, if I do say so myself (lol). You Understand My Style!

Snapback Graffiti