Shawn Marion

We chatted with NBA Champion, Shawn Marion, about fashion in the NBA, his personal style, and much more!
YUMS: The NBA undoubtedly has the “best dressed” athletes among major sports leagues.  Why do you think this is?
Shawn Marion: I think football players dress nice too. They’re more conservative when it comes to games. They’re more business casual.  They wear more suits to the games than we do.  We mix it up. We wear a variation of things, and that’s what fashion is to a certain degree.
YUMS: So maybe “best dressed” isn’t the best way to put it, but more “fashionable?”
SM: Yeah, and some guys are flashier than others.  A lot of guys in the NFL will definitely wear suits. In the NBA, guys do wear suits, but it depends on the game, the city, and the person.
YUMS: Does the league feel competitive in terms of fashion?
SM: When you’re athletes, you always compete. That’s part of it. It’s embedded into your brain. Sometimes you don’t do it purposely, but it’s just always like that.
YUMS: How would you describe your personal style?
SM: I’m very unique. I like to mix it up. I’ll do a variation of things. It just depends on what’s easiest for me to pack, or sometimes what’s the easiest for me to throw on.  I try not to wear the same thing twice.

Shawn Marion Red

YUMS: Whose style do you admire?
SM: I like a little bit of everybody. Some guys take more chances than others. Certain things certain guys can’t wear because of their physiques. There are a lot of guys that I like the way they dress. Certain guys just know how to put it together. Certain guys can’t dress though. At the end of the day, it’s really not my opinion. You can wear whatever the hell you want to wear to a certain extent.  Some guys don’t have a sense of style, but at the end of the day, that’s their choice.
YUMS: What are your favorite pieces that you could wear again and again?
SM: I could [wear the same thing over and over again], but I wouldn’t.  I’ve got enough clothes that I probably could’ve worn a different sweater every game.  I’ve got suits, but I like sport coats.  Full suits are something that I really don’t do.  I’ll do a nice blazer with some jeans, or corduroys, or some wool slacks depending on where we’re at.  To put on a full-blown suit, that’s not me.
YUMS: At 6’7”, how do you find the right fit? Do you have items custom made?
SM: Yeah, I have people that make certain things for me, and they do a really good job. Occasionally some people who make clothes have access to different variations of clothing brands and styles.

Shawn Marion Red FaceYUMS: What’s your go-to sneaker on the court?
SM: I play in Nikes.
YUMS: Any particular model?
SM: No, they send me a variation of shoes I can wear for the season, and I pick and choose whichever ones feel comfortable for me. They send me the shoes that they want me to wear, and then they tag it with my logo.
YUMS: How did you first learn of YUMS? What attracted you to the brand?
SM: I had seen the logo somewhere. Then I ran into White Tee, and we just hit it off. I liked the hats, and you understand my swag?
YUMS: That’s your take on You Understand My Style then?
SM: I know that. It’s You Understand My Swag!
YUMS: Out of all the YUMS hats that you’ve had, is there one in particular that’s been your favorite?
SM: I love the black leather combination. The black and gold one is dope.