#DallasHype ReCap

Prominent Dallas-based photographer @high_vis is known around the city for photos and rooftop-chasing!  In fact, he founded @DTXStreet, a Dallas-based community of street photographers.  He regularly coordinates city-wide meet-ups, which allow models and photographers to collaborate and network.  In light of the recent tragedy in Houston, the DTX Street team decided to add a charitable twist to their latest #DallasHype Insta-Meet. 

Check out the recap video of the event, @high_vis's take on the meet, and some of the photos that resulted!

@High_Vis, What is #DallasHype Insta-Meet?
The #DallasHype Insta-Meet was a huge meet up of street photographers, models, and creatives from all over Dallas. We came together to take photos and create content, along with collecting donations for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. A team of us took a trip down to Houston the next day to hand-deliver the donations.

Photo by: @RogerGallegoss, DTX Street Member

Who's behind it?
Where did the idea originate?
@ludatheshooter and @high_vis came together to collaborate on an insta-meet to help hype-up the @dtxstreet team and create a buzz around the Dallas photography community.

It happened to be around the same time Hurricane Harvey had caused all the 
devastation in South Texas. We didn't even think twice about it before incorporating it into the Insta-Meet by having people bring donations to the meet. 
How many people showed up? Was it a success? 
180 or so people attended and helped bring a ton of energy to the meet. It was a great success and tons of great content was created, as well as providing donations for the Houston Hurricane Relief