Deadpool 2 Preview

Only weeks after releasing the most anticipated Avengers movie yet, Marvel strikes again this weekend with the release of Deadpool 2. The first installment was released in 2016, and it became the highest grossing R-rated movie worldwide! Here’s what you can expect from the sequel (warning: spoilers ahead).

Cameos on Cameos

Since this film takes place within the Marvel Universe, it’s no surprise that characters from the studio’s other smash films make an appearance. While Deadpool teamed up with a few of the “low level X-Men” (Ryan Reynold’s words) in the first film, more members of the superhero team show up in the new movie. Keep an eye out for Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy. A more unexpected cameo comes in the form of Brad Pitt, who plays an invisible member of the X-Force. Blink and you might miss him.


If the first movie and this year’s extensive advertising campaign were any indication, Deadpool 2 will live up to the hilarity of the first installment. If you think the first movie was crude and violent, this one definitely amps things up.

Money, Money, Money

The movie has received an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but the fact that Deadpool 2 is “certified fresh” won’t really affect its box office performance. In fact, the film has already smashed the Thursday opening record by earning $18.6 million in U.S. on its first night of release. 

Add a little humor to your weekend and check out Deadpool 2 this weekend!