YUMS – DJ Aiden Brasher, EPIC SH*T – Sound Cloud
The YUMSLIFE vibe is all about embracing music, art, and culture. The YUMS Fam are longtime fans DJ Aiden Brasher, a trailblazer in the Dallas nightlife scene. Ahead of Aiden’s new mix series dropping on July 1st, we caught up with the DJ and YUMS Ambassador on all things music and style.

What's it titled and was your inspiration behind the concept? 
My new mix series is called EPIC SH*T and my inspiration usually comes into effect after the second Red Bull kicks in (#aidenface LOL)!  Every chance I hear new "In your face" music whether it be Electronic, Hip Hop or Rock I always find myself feeling the energy linked with that song. The inspiration truly is the energy I get from the track and how that will coincide with other similar songs. Hence the name EPIC SH*T and it is packed full of Electronic and Hip Hop original mash-ups and remixes that are timeless! 

When should I pop this mix in? What's the perfect place vibe?
A great time to jam this mix is in the car headed somewhere that you need to get pumped, in the gym for the treadmill or pumping iron. But the best place to have EPIC SH*T ready to go is a freaking party!
How did you get started as a DJ, and at what point did you feel the switch happen from "trying to be a DJ" to actually being a DJ? 
I have been DJing since 2008. The first gig I ever had was at a club on Lower Greenville in Dallas called Kinki Lounge. During the first five years I also juggled a day job, but was unable to put in 100% at both. My leap of faith came when I knew I wanted to give DJing my all! 
Based on past mistakes, failures, life lessons etc., what's a good piece of advice you have for up and coming DJ's?
Never burn a bridge. You never know what the future may hold. Treat DJing like a Fortune 500 company would any business. You are the face of your company. Look, feel, and act like a million bucks.
So back to the fashion, what's your style? Does it coordinate with your vibe/energy as a DJ? How does YUMS fit into/compliment what you do?
Since my first trip DJing Winter X Games January 2015, I have built my wardrobe around my collection of YUMS hats. My favorite hat is an all black leather hat from the Black Tag Collection. I usually wear that hat the most because it is so easy to coordinate. You will never see me without a YUMS hat. I wish they made a shower cap! 
You spend a lot of nights performing live, from the hot local nightclub to some pretty major events like X Games & events for Red Bull.  Is there a single performance that stands out as the most memorable for you?
The most memorable gig I have had to date was the first time I ever heard the "roar of the crowd." It was my second year at Winter X Games and I was given the opportunity to open for Kygo. Thirty minutes into my set I had the crowd in the palm of my hand, and I grabbed my phone to get a dope video and the crowd erupted! It was the most exhilarating experience, even more so than skydiving.  
Who are your Top 3 artists right now, any genre, the ones that get the crowd hyped during your sets?
Bassnectar, Dillon Francis, and Waka Flocka Flame. Any track from these 3 artists always goes over so well!
What's the one bucket-list venue you have to perform at and cross off your list?
The one event/venue I will do before I die is the freaking World Olympics!
Last but not least, where can we download your new mix series, EPIC SH*T! ?
You can find my mix series EPIC SH*T on MixCloud https://www.mixcloud.com/djAIDENBRASHER/epic-shit-vol-1/