Unveiling the Man, the Myth, the Legend Behind YUMS: Q&A with Tex Moton

If you’re a fan of YUMS, chances are you’ve heard the name Tex Moton. As the brand’s founder and creative director, none of what we do would be possible without his presence, and we all have Tex to thank for the hat designs we’ve come to know, love and sport.

But Tex’s creative influence stems far beyond the YUMS creative department. He’s an absolute legend in Dallas’s flourishing graffiti and street art scene, and the crew he and his fellow writers started back in ‘96 was responsible for putting D Town on the map.

To give you bit of insight into the brain behind our snapbacks and other headwear, we chatted with Tex about his roots as a graffiti writer, and the crew (IC) he and his friends founded 20 years ago.

Here’s what he had to say:

YUMS: Can you talk a little bit about IC? How did you guys get started?

Tex: Well we started IC (Infinite Crew) in ‘96, and were the only active crew formed from all the smaller crews coming along in Dallas. We just decided to link up and really unify the city. That movement gave birth to the graff scene in Dallas and the kids watched and took notes on how we do things. We unknowingly sparked the fire of street art in Dallas and a lot of kids payed close attention to our cues and took the ball and ran with it.

YUMS: Who are some of the other guys in your crew? I know Minus Won passed a few years ago. Can you talk about his contribution to the Dallas graffiti scene?

Tex: OK, so the members now are Myself (Tex), Ucron, Vert, Eon, Chubs, Joe Skilz, Kema, Idea, Fork, & forever King Minus [a.k.a. Minus Won]. Minus Won had the cleanest style and the most randomly beautiful color combos I've ever seen. He was the glue of our city. I mean he was loved by all and hated by none. He put the new kids up on game and kept the older cats sharp to avoid looking bad next to his pieces. Lol I love him and miss him....We are truly minus won...

YUMS: Any crazy stories from a time or two when you were out writing?

Tex: Yeah, lol there were a few misadventures—many of which included run ins with our Boys in Blue lol. My first arrest was with Minus Won on the last day of school my freshman year, and we had the bright idea of doing a full-on production after school let out behind this grocery store. We didn't realize that we had selected a dead end alley to test out our skills until the law showed up and cornered us in lol. Minus snapped a pretty cool pic of me claiming my innocence to those fine officers, to no avail! #LastDayOfSchoolLockUp lol.

YUMS: I hear you’re holding Deep Ellum. Can you talk about that hood a bit?

Tex: Yeah, lol. Well, Deep Ellum is the artistic center of our city, and since way back we just made it our stomping grounds in regards to getting up. We (IC) always been holding there and we still running.

YUMS: You worked on the Mavs’ photoshoot to kick the season off. How did that go?

Tex: It went great. I worked with Alison Panasik to do a Dallas Mavericks backdrop for their calendar shoot.

YUMS: They say you have some of the cleanest line work in the game. Any tips for young writers?

Tex: Lol....Well I would say always work close to the wall I mean as close as you can get....Always try to run your lines the full length (meaning don't chop and hack your lines up) it keeps the flow looking natural, and always I mean always use fat caps for everything! Lol


YUMS: Finally, name one old school writer who you grew up admiring, and one current favorite. Feel free to explain. They don’t have to be from Dallas.

Tex: I love WORM NBK & A2M. He was so insane with the simplicity of style and crispness, yet so humble. I also really dig the works and movement LOVEPUSHER has going and the message he stands for, keeping Christ in the center of it all. GOD bless you brother!

The best way to check out Tex’s graffiti and work outside of YUMS is to pay Deep Vellum a visit. There, you’ll get a sense of how prolific he and Infinite Crew are in Dallas. And of course, to browse all of his headwear design for YUMS, please browse our inventory of hats for sale right here!